Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Green Halloween

  1. Invest creativity instead of cash in your costume. Dig into the back of the closet (yours or a friend's) or hit the thrift store to find wacky clothes and accessories instead of buying plastic costumes. **Need inspiration? The Green Guide and Care2 have clever DIY ideas that can be great projects for adults and kids. (You can make your own decorations too.)**
  2. Use natural makeup to avoid chemical exposure.
  3. Avoid masks made out of vinyl. Latex ones are safer, unless you're allergic to the material.
  4. Don't forget a reusable shopping bag to carry your trick-or-treating haul!
  5. Set a spooky mood with soy or beeswax candles, not those made from petroleum-based paraffin. If you like scented candles, look for ones with fragrances derived from essential oils rather than synthetic chemicals.

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