Monday, October 1, 2007


Email Genna ( to hang out with Eco-Sense at the Environmental Justice table TOMORROW 10/2 at the Breastival on the QUAD 12-5pm (hosted by AU's Women's Initiative) *OR JUST SHOW UP

Register for Power Shift: [Contact David S. about getting more information and a discounted registration fee:]

Contact Mackenzie
to help promote Open Mic/Open Minds 10/8 OR Eco-Sense's Campaign Kickoff (and power shift promotion) 10/9 on the QUAD.
Contact with the subject line: I WANT TO HELP 10/9 (or whatever date) if you can table or volunteer in any way!

Spread the word about Eco-Sense's new campaign:
reduce, reuse, rebuild

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Caresse said...

Keep up the good work.