Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sierra Student Coalition seeks great interns to make global warming a

We're seeking talented, energetic interns to work alongside our experienced national staff team on one of 5 priority projects:
-Event-Planning and recruiting to Summer Trainings, National Leadership Gathering, Green Jobs Conference and especially PowerShift2009
-Web design, development and maintenance
-Creating an alumni program
-Coordinating the creation of a Professor Network

Key Skills we're looking for:
-Strong communication, writing, event-planning and/or research skills
- An organizer at heart. You should work well with others and be eager to empower and engage others in the democratic process.
- Passion for building grassroots power and a willingness to work your heart out to save the world.
- Leadership experience. You start projects, rally people, inspire others.
- Strong self-starter and quick learner. You don't need someone to tell you what to do, but you take advice when it's given to you.
- Hard worker, can do flexible hours and manage your time independently. You know that changing the country doesn't always happen between 9 and 5.
- In it to win it! The stakes are getting higher every day for this issue, and you should be ready to do everything you can to make sure global warming and energy is a top issue this spring.

Don't apply if you are just looking to make coffee and photocopies. We give our interns substantive projects and significant responsibilities. When you leave us, you are going to have new skills on your resume and impressive accomplishments to talk about in job interviews—plus a whole new network of friends and peers in the environment and social change non-profit world!

How to Apply
Please send a resume and cover letter to the DC internship contact at the SSC (address below). Please indicate your specific interest or experience, if any, in relevant environmental issues and your availability dates. Upon receipt of all the information by this office, your application will then be considered. Applications for Winter/Spring semester will be accepted on a priority deadline of January 16, 2009 and on a rolling basis thereafter. Except in rare circumstances, DC internships are unpaid.

Sierra Student Coalition
Attn: intern coordinator
1133 15th St. NW
Washington, DC 20005
phone: 202-548-4593
For information about Sierra Student Coalition internships in
Washington, D.C., please email