Monday, September 15, 2008

Eco-Sense Goes to the Movies! - FLOW

Join Eco-Sense for the opening of FLOW, Irena Salina's critically acclaimed, award winning documentary about the world water crisis. Learn about politics, privatization, pollution, and how you can get involved in the preservation of this human right!

You can meet us on Friday at the E Street Cinema for a 7:40 PM show or travel with Eco-Sense and get discounted tickets. We'll be meeting at 6:20 at the south side shuttle stop.


Zach said...

I'm sorry I missed the showing of FLOW.

How was it?


Reid said...

Umm, you haven't missed it quite yet. Wait until Saturday. Then you'll have missed it. But if you still want to go, it's on Friday.

Rachel said...

Good call, Reid. The movie was great, Zach, and they had a neat panel afterward. I think they're going to continue having panel discussions following the 7:40 shows for the next week or so. Maybe you can head over and catch it on your own. Take your student ID and get a discount!