Monday, March 31, 2008


Proclaiming April 1st "Fossil Fools Day," climate change activists are planning creative actions around the world to oppose to dirty energy and show support for climate justice, strong legislation and corporate responsibility.

Here in DC, Congressman Markey has subpoenaed the CEOs of the 5 biggest oil companies to answer to Americans in a congressional hearing on why gas prices continue to rise when the corporations are turning record breaking profits. Join us in telling the oil companies that we won't be fooled! They are deceivers, a green economy will be better for all Americans.

When: TOMORRROW, 10:00 am. (Folks interest in strategic positioning at the hearing should plan to be in line outside Cannon 210 at 9:30 am)

Where: Sidewalk outside Longworth on Independence Ave between 1st st SE and New Jersey Ave SE

What: There are many ways to get involved. Come to what you can.

9:30- Get in line outside Cannon 210 if you want to get a seat for the 12:00 hearing

10:00 am and until after the hearing, probably about 3:00- Meet us at Longworth and then we will walk to Cannon. You can be part of two groups:

1) hold signs outside and pass out flyers, wear a campus climate challenge, powershift, or other related shirt if you have one.

2) Be a part of our "Billionaires for Big Oil" parody. We will be flyering people outside as well as those waiting in the halls for the hearing. We will wear tuxedos, suits, and ball gowns and act like we are Billionaires who think that Big Oil simply doesn't get enough money. Please give them some more subsidies! Some of them only have 1 yacht and they can barely afford their kid's Ivy League tuition! Contact me if you want to do this part and have questions.

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