Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Support Clean Cars in DC

Hearings on the "DC Clean Cars Act" have already been held by the City Council. Now it is time for the mark-up of the bill - the process whereby the Committee on Public Works and the Environment decides whether or not to recommend the bill to the City Council.

Councilmember Jim Graham is chair of the Committee on Public Works and the Environment. We ask you to call his office Wednesday, Dec. 19, or Thursday, Dec. 20, with a message to proceed with the mark-up as quickly as possible.

Call Councilmember Jim Graham on Wednesday, Dec. 19 or Thursday, Dec. 20

Councilmember Jim Graham's office phone number: (202) 724-8181.

Sample Phone Call Script

Hi, my name is <.........> and I am a resident of the District. I am calling to ask Councilmember Graham, as chair of the Committee on Public Works and the Environment, to mark-up the Clean Cars Act as soon as possible. I appreciate Councilmember Graham's leadership and hope the mark-up and vote will occur quickly. Given the climate crisis, every day we wait to take action is a day too long. Thank you.

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