Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Introduction to the Blog

Hello Eco sense members!

Beginning this year we will be using this blog to announce events concerning all things green in our area (D.C., Virginia, Maryland) as well as nationally. These events may or may not be sponsored club activities, but we encourage you to comment on announced events that you are interested in attending. If you are interested in an event that is not a sponsored club activity, leave a comment saying so and check any other comments to see if you can meet up with someone else from the club.

If you hear of an event that is not posted on the blog, please let us know so that we can post its information on the blog.

Throughout the year we we also be adding links to Internet sites and online articles concerning the environment. Again, if you feel a certain site or resource should be listed, please let us know.

To contact us through the blog either post a comment or email AUEcosense@gmail.com

Thank you for joining our cause, and let's make this our most productive year yet!


Rachel said...

Woohoo! The blog exists! Thanks, Lindsay.

Charles said...

Hey I know that this may be somewhat ambitious of me what with my schedule being as hectic as it is but I was wondering what interest there was for perhaps in the future starting an AU community garden based using environmentally sensitive practices. There was one at my undergraduate university and they also have one in the town where I am from. I am sure that we could get a lot of support from the university student body as well as local environmentalist agencies, businesses and hopefully the university itself. Let me know if there is an interest in this...hessler@american.edu